Campus Sexual Assault & Title IX

The Vanderbilt Rape Case Will Change The Way Victims Feel About the Courts 

-Jan. 29, 2015

A recent study found that 80% of campus rapes went unreported to the authorities. Students often don’t want to report the crime because of the consequences that the judiciary process would have on campus. The victims are usually in the position of living on the same campus that their assailant lives/works and can’t avoid them because there’s a very likely chance to encounter the assailant in the cafeteria, classrooms, library, etc. Probably the real reason students are turned off from reporting a rape to the police is because they think they will spend years going through the criminal judicial process only to be denied justice on their attacker. A tiny fraction of accused rapists will ever serve a day in prison, says the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. After the Vanderbilt rape victim received her justice, she encouraged others to speak up about their misconducts and said “You are not alone. You are not to blame.” Bringing rapists to justice is just one piece of fighting against the campus rape epidemic. And currently the White House is promoting a bystander intervention educational campaign on college campuses.

Title IX Can Affect Me as a Student at Marymount

I really appreciate how Title IX protects sex discrimination among students who are pregnant or have children while being in school. And I think sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination are really important to protect as well because that sort of thing is very common among college campuses. Title IX addresses that even if you personally are not experiencing discrimination, it encourages you to do something if you see it being done to another student. And I think that’s really important because we should be looking after each other. Title IX does a really great job in ensuring that collage campuses have specific procedures to enforce actions upon situations that experience any of these discrimination issues. This is really important to me and makes me feel safe while me or any of my friends are on campus. Because if we do run into any of these problems, there is something that’ll be done about it and the issue will be taken care of.


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