Title IX

Research for sexual misconduct project

1. How does Title IX effect you as a university student – specifically related to sexual misconduct.

As a university student, not only will there be a more concrete set of procedures in case something happened to me particularly in a case of sexual harassment, but also, as a student leader I have now become trained on how to handle situations involving sexual harassment. Part of Title IX now informs me of my role in cases of sexual misconduct too, instead of just the university’s. Also, it means the university can not sway me should I choose to complain or take action against a sexual offender.

2. Annotated (summarized) research, with links to your sources/articles, into sexual misconduct on college campuses – be prepared to report your findings to your classmates.


This group is dedicated to providing resources to students and prevent sexual misconduct on campuses. They offer the proper education for students seeking help or who have been affected by sexual misconduct.


This article was letter to the editor commentary with opinions of readers and community members. This demonstrates the support a lot of Title IX and how many colleges should support it for their own reputation as well as the safety of their students. Moreover, many people view Title IX as colleges stepping up and taking responsibility for the sexual misconduct that has slipped through the cracks over the years.

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