Title IX

  1. How does Title IX effect you as a university student – specifically related to sexual misconduct? It provides me a sense of relief in case anything where to ever occur to me. You hear stories of victims who are fighting with Universities in order to get justice and its a scary thought to be in that situation. This will help many people with the support and resources they need to be protected from sex discrimination in the school system. I think that it is a great step in ensuring the safety of others while also providing a better sense of community. Equal opportunity is pivotal and this can help better achieve that by training and handling situations with procedures ensuring fair treatment.

  2. Annotated (summarized) research into sexual misconduct on college campuses with links to your sources/articles

This article talks about four Iowa field hockey players have filed a Title IX complaint against the school. The players claim that their former coach, Tracey Griesbaum, was fired for using the same coaching methods employed by male coaches at Iowa, and that by firing her, the school compromised their ability to win and robbed them of the opportunity to be challenged by a demanding coach. The school has repeatedly asserted there was no wrongdoing in the termination of Griesbaum.


This article discusses a federal list of 55 colleges with open sexual violence investigations. The list from the Education Department continues the Obama administration’s push to shine a spotlight on sex assault in response to questions raised in recent years about how prominent colleges have handled rape allegations and related issues. Among the list were Harvard University (its college and its law school), Princeton University and Dartmouth College.


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