American Dream Project

the American Dream Team:

  • Website: Shawn
  • Facebook: Alex
  • Twitter: Bernadette
  • Video Editing: Jen and/or Logan

Interviews and video editor

  • More Interviewees: Leah
  • Video Editing: Jen and/or Logan

WordPress: Setup MU American Dream site –

Video in as feature image/single slider item
Video Bites on front page
3 primary links

  1. Entice people to join the discussion – voice their opinion’s
  2. Entice people to share their personal American Dream challenges
  3. What is the American Dream – originally and how it has changed over time



  1. Release photos and comments
  2. Release video bites and comments
  3. Setup messaging or?


  1. Publicize to Twitter from WordPress
  2. Post tweets to WordPress

 Publicize – to entice participation in the discussion

  1. Get students to share on Facebook
  2. The Bark
  3. ???????



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