The Dark Side of the American Dream

Multiculturalism in many ways has formed the modern day American dream.  Neil Gabler discusses how multiculturalism enables roots for moral relativism.  His focus is the dark side of the affects that moral relativism has on the American dream.  How can one accurately define or obtain the “American Dream” when America is made up of many different cultures and therefore different beliefs.  These beliefs differ from each culture and as a result create a different definition of the American Dream. “We don’t always understand other cultures, even other American subcultures, and we often aren’t in a position to judge customs, languages, aesthetics, mythologies, even cosmologies. Applied to morality, on the other hand, it can become a license to do anything you like and not feel responsible…”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Roosevelt was concerned with American’s view of abroad countries.  She felt it was significant to educate the youth on the American dream and clarify image of abroad.  She believe the American dream did not belong to a particular group or individual but that it is a way of life, ” No single individual … and no single group has an exclusive claim to the American dream. But we have all, I think, a single vision of what it is, not merely as a hope and an aspiration, but as a way of life, which we can come ever closer to attaining it its ideal form if we keep shining and unsullied our purpose and our belief in its essential value.”

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