American Dream article

The notion of the “American Dream” is changing and individuals are uncertain of achieving it. The article talks about how the American Dream has was much simpler to achieve back then, however Americans are now struggling with the ever changing economy and lifestyle changes. Such changes include job security, social security running out, doubt in finding a successful income, difficulty in making ends meet, and safety. In addition, the definition of the “American Dream” is being questioned. Years ago, its definition was to “own a house with a white picket fence, a dog, and a happy family”, nowadays owning a house is becoming more and more difficult and the overall security for belongings and their families is struggling. With the constant bantering between the Congress, work isn’t getting done, ends aren’t meeting, and certainty for the future is weak.


You see, without hard work and responsibility, there is no American Dream. Hard work lays the foundation. Our solidarity makes work pay – for all of us. For the greater good. That’s what our vision of shared prosperity is all about.Richard Trumka

The foundation of the American Dream is hard work, happiness, and success. Without one or the other, the American Dream cannot exist. While one version of the dream is owning a house, another one’s dream may be achieving a goal or find happiness. All of which require at least 2 out of the 3 foundations (which usually leads to the third foundation). It’s a never ending cycle that all individuals are capable of achieving.


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