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Hispanics often lead the way in their faith in the American Dream

The article discusses how  in many cases, Hispanic residents’ faith in the American Dream exceeds that of whites and African Americans which contrasts sharply with the current economic status of Hispanics. The idea of the American Dream has changed greatly throughout the years which began as a revolutionary notion that each person had the right to pursue happiness, and the freedom to strive for a better life through hard work and fair ambition. Perceptions of the dream vary widely but  among the Latino community it is what the American dream was when the term was first introduced. It is the idea that anything is achievable through hard work and dedication despite difficulties facing the Latino community today. The optimism among Hispanics is due in part to the fact that Hispanic immigrants often start with little and expect to sacrifice much to move up, while native-born adults may have already seen their expectations lose ground in an ailing economy. It is important to reconsider the American Dream and how to achieve it by looking at it with a different perspective and optimism.


Alberto Gonzales

80th United States Attorney General

“For me the American Dream is the hope and opportunity that allows a poor kid from a poor family to grow up and go to Harvard Law School and become attorney general of the United States. It also means freedom. As I travel around the world and I get to know better these other countries, it confirms in my mind, without question, that we are the greatest country on Earth.”


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