American Dream Articles

Rescuing the American Dream:

Rescuing the American Dream is about the work America must do now to make the “American Dream” achievable for everyone. We have created a pattern for success (high school>college>degree>job>money & family) that has become less and less possible for people especially if they are oppressed or in less fortunate circumstances than a middle class American. We need to reconsider our Dream and how to get there by considering the abused, the poor, and the disabled. Also we need to acknowledge that people may drop out of school, have children outside of marriage, or have come from a broken home. The article proposes thinking of those coming from unstable homes, and ways for those Americans to become a part of the American Dream.


Martin Luther King Jr. on the American Dream:

Dr. King in his speech to his congregation discusses encompassing all races in the American Dream and the fact that God created all men equal— all are endowed with rights. He reminds the people that the Declaration didn’t say “all white men” or identify with a particular group, America was built on many cultures and all of these cultures are entitled to fair treatment. King also discusses that we are lucky to have a dream and that it is beautiful for an American Dream to exist. No many countries have an attainable dream, or have the capacity to fight for their dream. He calls upon everyone to peacefully stand up for their right to dream and become a part of the American Dream. Moreover, their action and role in America sets an example for other races, religions, and gender movements.

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