Due Nov. 20 – U. S. Botanic Garden hike

A. U.S. Botanic Garden – 100 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, DC 20001

Before class on the Dec. 5th.photos need to be uploaded before class

1) Photos need to include:

  1. Unusual camera angles – From floor level and from above
  2. Creative framing and composition using rule of 3rds
  3. Close ups
  4. Shadows or reflections
  5. Selfie of you and at least one classmate

2) Choose your favorite photography from twelve (12) photographs taken at the Botanic gardens including

  1. The Tropics
  2. Plant Adaptations
  3. Garden Primeval
  4. Hawaii
  5. World Deserts
  6. Orchids
  7. Mediterranean
  8. Rare and Endangered Species
  9. Southern Exposure
  10. – 12 Photos of your choice

4) Create a new post and add your 12 photos using “insert media” and “upload media” set to “large size”  or “Full Size” if large is not an option

Tittle you post: Your full name – U.S. Botanic Gardens
Use category: Botanic Gardens

5) In the post under each photograph: type one each of the following that explains how the photo is illustrating the topic in your report:

  • Quote – cited
  • Factoid
  • Proverb
  • Song lyric or line from a poem – cited
  • An anecdote about how you felt when taking the photo

6) Add a screen capture of a social media with one or more of your photos and how many “likes” etc.

DIRECTIONS to U.S. Botanic Gardens

The easiest way to reach us by Metrorail is by taking either the Orange, Blue, or Silver line to the Federal Center SW station. Exit the station, walk north (left) along Third Street SW for two blocks, cross Independence Avenue and continue one more block to Maryland Avenue. Look toward the Capitol and you will see the glass dome of the Conservatory. The Conservatory entrance is on Maryland Avenue.

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