Samantha Scicchitano – Great Falls Hike

In this photo it shows how much fun hiking can be when you are with people.

In this photo it shows that even though hiking can be fun it shows the dangers of it, like high water and how to be careful.

Going on hikes not only can be great exercise but it can provide great picture opportunities.

Here is an unexpected camera angle through the leaves making it seem like you are in their perspective

This photo gives you the feel that you are falling down into the Great Falls

Taking pictures from an upward angle gives the feeling that you are so small in the forest

A close up angle makes you really feel like you are in the picture

This picture shows the dangers of what would happen if you fell into the Great Falls

Here is a close up of the moss I found on the tree which gives a fuzzy texture

In this close up of the leaves it shows the hard / crunchy texture that they portray

Here is a picture of us during our hike at Great Falls

This shows shadow and reflection both in the same picture

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