Teddy Roosevelt and the outdoors

What is something relevant to the outdoors and former president Teddy Roosevelt?

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  1. As President from 1901 to 1909, he signed legislation establishing five new national parks that included Crater Lake, Wind Cave, Sullys Hill, Mesa Verde, and Platt, All of these in different states outdoors and looked great to visit.

  2. Elissa Munsterman- Teddy Roosevelt and the Outdoors
    Teddy Roosevelt used his high level authority to protect the wildlife and the lands by his United States Forest Service (USFS). which had established the national parks enabling the Antiquities Act.

  3. Teddy Roosevelt loved being outdoors. There is an island called Theodore Roosevelt Island. The island was given to the federal government by the Theodore Roosevelt Association in memory of Theodore Roosevelt.

  4. President Teddy Roosevelt devotion to conserving our natural and cultural history helped established a precedent at an important time in our nation’s history.


  5. Teddy Roosevelt is known as the conservationist president because he was always concerned with the environment, which lead to many states honoring national parks or just regular parks in his name.

  6. Teddy Roosevelt was elected to the New York State Assembly at the age of 23, and served tow terms (1882-1884). As a teenager, he followed a program of gymnastics and weightlifting to build up his strength.
    The most relevant of hiking is taking pictures of natures’s scenic views and post it on Instagram, so more people can notice how fantastic is our wild world.

  7. Theodore Roosevelt had a sharp eye for natural history and a love for the outdoors. When he became President in 1901, he was poised to use his life long passion for wildlife and wilderness to direct public policy; while in office, he launched programs that would eventually protect 230 million acres of land. Roosevelt’s contagious love for wildlife and wild places may be his most enduring legacy, living through policy and legislation. He designated five national parks .

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