Dustin Lund – Roosevelt Island Hike

This is my favorite things about the outdoors because of the water, I enjoy all aspects of water.

This is great reason and my favorite to go hiking, you get to see beautiful views like this.

This is me and my friends outside hiking and having fun getting some good exercise, this would encourage others to do the same.

This is a selfie of us on the key bridge with a great view behind us.

This shows us a the long key bridge starting at the gate.

This photo was taken in portrait mode to capture my shadow on a small bridge on the island.

This is a detailed close up of a leaf, with this photo you can see a blurry back drop which is neat.

This is a large daddy long we found and scooped up with a leaf.

This my choice of a creative photo because I hung over the wooden rail to take a picture of my feet which I think nobody did.


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