Weekly assignment due Oct 16th

43 Stunning Landscape Photos: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/photography/proof/2017/04/your-shot-unbelievable-landscapes/

1. As a comment to this post explain:

  1. Pick three of your favorite photos and explain why they are your favorites? Emotional impact, symbolism, lighting, camera angle, composition and framing?

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  1. My three favorite pictures are Waves of fog roll over a neighborhood in Mill Valley, California, as seen from the top of Mount Tamalpais, Nakatsuna lake from Nagano, Japan, and The Milky Way over Mount Bromo.
    The picture Waves of fog roll over a neighborhood in Mill Valley, California really stuck out to me because of the windy clouds. This image creates an merry feeling and makes one wonder what is happening. I really like the angle of the camera and the fluffiness of the clouds and wind.
    I like the Nakatsuna lake from Nagano, Japan picture because of the calm and soothing colors used in the picture. Also, Also, I like how the water is a reflection of the trees and mountains. The lighting is not bright and camera angle is straight on.
    I like The Milky Way over Mount Bromo picture because of the detail and beauty of the captured image. This picture create a never ending galaxy with dark lighting. The image really captures my attention and the angles draws me to the image.

  2. 1. Filippo Forchino, this is one of my favorite three pictures in the slide show because of the texture the mountains and the unique color of the rock formations.

    2. Nastassja Clarke, this is one of my favorite three pictures form the slides because of how the captured many dying trees witch seems to indicate a winter climate but brought life to the picture by centering the healthy land of grass and water.

    3. Sherry Rosen, this is my third and final favorite because of the amount that is going on in the picture, with the camera angle they chosen we get a trippy reflection of the mountains and the clouds causing a double take.

  3. I like the field picture because of the contrast of the lighting. Showing one side alive and well while the other is dead and dull. My other favorite picture is the volcano because most of the picture is dark but the lava is so vibrant and the whole picture itself gives off a very fierce vibe. Lastly, the picture of the Northern Lights is my favorite because it gives off an intense emotion that could mean anything for anyone like hope. The lights brighten the pitch black area as they sparkle in the sky.

  4. 1. exploding volcano – I like how the picture is on grey scale, it leaves me with a wonder how the land looks and the angle of the volcano.
    2. Snow build up- i really like this picture. The way the snow is built up you could just image how i looks like. Like one looks like a man getting ready to stand up.
    3. The Mountains- The way the sun is shinning and how the mountain blocks it leaving the shawdows looking great with the anomalous wind. leaving the whole picture with a bit of confusion.

  5. 1. I like the 7 trees photo because it shows a sharp contrast and asymmetry.
    2. I like the Aurora because of the amazing streams of light.
    3. I like the lightning photo because it shows the true power of nature.

  6. I choose #1 because i liked how one side was was dark and the other side was bright.#5 was my favorite because the lighting makes it seem like your right there taking the picture. #7 because of the different colors in the photo coming alive.

  7. I like:
    – Photograph by Brina Bunt, because the lava is a good contrast the the dark volcano. Also the sunset adds a good touch to the photo
    -Photograph by Beckey Lee, because the northern lights are really pretty and I like the way the lights reflect off the water
    – Photograph by Wai Mei Chan, because the lighting makes it look like a fairy tail world and it also makes the world look like a peaceful place

  8. The first picture that I liked is China’s mountain. This capture is impressive because it shows the magnificent morning rays coming through, and the morning light reflects shadows along the place.

    The second photo is the Tuyajito Lagoon that is located in the Atacama desert, Chile. What impressed me was the mix of colors that the sky has in that picture. It shows a bubble cotton color and creates a sense of reality with the smalls rocks that are on the floor.

    The third picture that I chose is about the Tuscany of America. This photo reminds me of the ocean because the form of the mountains is similar to the waves of the sea. The green color of the hills makes a contrast with the white hose or building at the back.

  9. Even though i liked all of the pictures, the pictures i enjoyed the most was the photos by Pradeep raja, Pierre Destribats, and Santiago Borja. In Raja’s photo, I loved the darkness of this photo. In Destribats photo, I like how creepy this picture is. Even though those are trees they look like tall misshapen people. With Borja’s photo, I love the angle.

  10. The first picture I like is the “seven trees in, Hokkaido japan”(first image), the reason why I like this picture is because the lighting is good, and also because the first impression it gives me when seeing this picture is that this world is divided into two things. I felt like the green one represent the heaven and the dark one is the hell. We can also interpret this picture by saying that the green one represent the area no polluted, and the dark one is the area indicating the pollution on this earth.
    The second picture I like is the ” long shadows”, (seventh image). I like this picture because every color is dominant, its multicolor. And I like multicolor because it provides happiness for me. I also like the lighting.
    The third picture I like is ” Deadvlei”, because it’s beautiful. When I see this picture, it makes me question if this picture is real or not. The lighting is great and I love the angle.

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