Arlington Cemetery

“Friendship is one of those sweetest joys of life” – Charles Spurgeon

Storytime: Unfortunately i was up to late to really react to anything at the cemetery

“The tomb is not a blind alley: it is a thoroughfare. It closes on the twilight. It opens on the dawn” Victor Hugo

“A change of scenery can help everything” – Drew Pomeranz

” Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind” Nathaniel Hawthorne

Helen B. was the wife of Col. William A Tate and was apart of the U.S Marine Corps

“Be the fame, not the moth” – Giacomo Casanova

Storytime: This was one of my favorite memorial it was beyond pretty

Storytime: This is probably the smallest memorial I saw there

Storytime: These directions were very much needed while we there

Storytime: I almost got stung trying to take a picture by the bees

At Rest In the Arms of Jesus

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