Ted Talk Oct. 1st 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm in Rowley G127

As a comment to this post explain what you learned by attending:

Ted Talk: What I’d Tell My Freshman Self. Hear upperclassman share advice and tips to survive college.
Oct. 1st. 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm in Rowley G127. There will be free food!

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  1. i learned what the CTL is and how they can help me study. I learned there is a website called Brainfuse that is open 24 hours and will review my papers. They told us to stay engaged, involved, network, make connections, and have good time management skills.

  2. They were giving us advice on how to have a successful college life. I learned a lot of things about Marymount University by attending this meeting such as the CTL help study guide, Brain-fuse ( Open 24 hours). They told us to join different clubs that MU offer, and internship (Psychology, free clinics). They told us to communicate with our advisor for major issues, our professor, friends…etc. We also have to have a good time management skills to stay on top of the assignment.

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