Weekly reading due Oct. 1st

Patterns in Nature: Flora and Top 10 Most Visited National Parks

As a comment to this post explain:

  1. How will seeing the Patterns in Nature: Flora photos effect how you take photographs?
  2. How will seeing the Top 10 Most Visited National Parks photographs influence your opinion of the outdoors?

12 Comments on “Weekly reading due Oct. 1st

  1. 1. It will make me look for more details in nature.

    2. It will make me have even more of an appreciation of the outdoors and also influence me to travel more.

  2. 1.) It will encourage me to want to take more floral photos like the ones shown.
    2.) It will make me want to go on hikes at more National parks to see the nature and beauty
    -shayla wynder

  3. 1. Seeing patterns in nature such as photos of flowers and more effect many aspects of the photo such as angle, perspective
    sharpness and zoom.

    2. After seeing the photos of the to 10 most visited parks, you will most likely feel encouraged to go explore the out doors and maybe even these parks, you will want to go hiking and just be in the sun.

  4. 1.) Seeing different patterns in nature effect the different angles and styles of the pictures. It helps us focus on the more detailed part of the picture. We also look for more colorful pictures.

    2.) It influences your opinion of the outdoors because it helps us see the true beauty in the outdoors. If people understand how pretty and relaxing the outdoors are I feel that it will help us appreciate it more. Looking at the top ten most visited parks also as the most to offer. I feel that if people visited these places they would want to see more.

  5. 1. After seeing the photos effect I learned that taking pictures up close can allow one to capture interesting details of an object. You can get really cool and abstract photos by finding the patterns and details in a photo.
    2. Seeing the photographs influenced my opinion on the outdoors in a positive way. The photographs capture the beauty of these parks and I now have a great interest in visiting the parks. I enjoy the outdoors because it is peaceful and inspiring.

  6. 1) Seeing patterns in those pictures make me focus on the leaves of the flowers and plants; it encourages me to appreciate the nature that surrounds us.
    2) Being in those natural places will make me think more about freedom, peace and happiness.

  7. 1. I learned that close ups of nature is very interesting and I want to start incorporating them in my photography. The detail is very interesting and I want to challenge myself to get pictures like these.
    2.These outdoor pictures makes me want to go out to state parks more or just go outside more to take landscapes. Nature is beautiful and pictures like these I believe would have a positive effect on people and might get people to get outside more.

  8. 1. After seeing the patterns in nature: Flora photos effect how I take photographs, I can take the pictures with more details and the details will add beauty on it.

    2. Seeing the top 10 most visited national parks increases my interest of the outdoors.

  9. 1. Encourages me to look for more opportunities for taking pictures up close, finding a good angle while the picture is very vibrant and sharp.
    2. This encourages me to go outside more for a long period of time and to think about how much beauty we have around us and remind me that we don’t take time to notice.

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