Due Sept. 4 – Hike to the Potomac River

Before class on the 4th

  1. Post your favorite photo on social media site of your choice with a storytelling reflective description
  2. Pick 6 photos – 1 each for the following:
  3. Put your photos on your Marymount Google Drive or email them to yourself
    1. Scenic view
    2. Something tall – looking up
    3. Something small – looking down
    4. Insect, bird, animal or plant
    5. Shadow or reflection
    6. Selfie with at least one classmate

During class on September 4th

1) Create a new post and add your 6 photos using “insert media” and “upload media” set to “large size”  or “Full Size” if large is not an option

2) In the post under each photograph: type one of the following that best adds meaning and storytelling to your photographs:

  • Quote – cited
  • Factoid  – cited
  • Proverb  – cited
  • Song lyric or line from a poem – cited
  • An anecdote about taking the photo
  • Do not describe the photo

3) Add a screen capture of a social media with one or more of your photos and how many “likes” etc.

Tittle you post: Your full name – Potomac hike
Use category: Potomac hike

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