Sunset,Sunrise, and nigh time Xtra credit

Extra Credit – The Golden Hour

Golden Hour Extra Credit- Aaliyah Clark

Extra credit – Golden hour photographs

Extra credit due by next class in the lab: Use category: Fall lighting Take three outdoor photographs at Marymount or near your home that best depict “fall” one each at the following times. Dusk or Dawn Sunrise or… Read More

Extra credit – Eating Animals

Attend the “Eating Animals” film screening and panel discussion on Friday 25th at 6:30PM in Reinch Auditorium. Post three things you learned from attending as a comment to this post to earn extra credit.  

Random picture walk

Business is booming in the city. And on campus too. A really cloudy view over the potomac A view a little lower Waiting for the bus to get to classes. My home is in the backround Shot of… Read More

4th Annual Constitution Day Luncheon

1) Attend the 4th Annual Constitution Day Luncheon 2) Write what you learned as comment to this post WEDNESDAY12:00 PM – 01:00 PM Overview: Join us for the 14th annual Constitution Day Luncheon featuring a talk titled “The Importance… Read More

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