Farah Aly Family hike

Unusual camera angles:

These photographs have unusual angles. “The sun goes up and comes back up”(Just Hold On, Louis Tomlison, and Steve Aoki). “I want a girl who climbs trees, always dirt on her jeans”(Trust Fund Baby, Why Don’t We).

Lighting from different times of the day:

1:30 pm in the afternoon with the sun bright during the day.

7:00 am early in the morning with the sun just waking up from its sleep.


Outdoor Setting:

This photograph has all the fall colors in it to represent that it is the season of fall.


This photograph is interesting because I like how the branches are shaped.


This leaf is like a compass because it points in all directions.

Mr.Catepilar where are you going?

Shadow or Reflection;

My shadow of me taking a picture of the small tree.

There is a reflection of a pergola that sits on top of benches.


This selfie was taken with my mom, my sister, my brother and my dog.

This selfie was taken with my sister.

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