Anthony Shaphat great falls hike

This is a reflection of the trees above from a vernal pool.


“Everything seems a bit better close up” Anthony shaphat


“Viewing something from an angle creates a different perspective on the world.” Anthony shaphat


Another close up taken on the hike. I found it very appealing how the the contrast of the pines brought out the river behind it.


My inquire question was how to stay safe during hiking, I thought this picture was a great example as to why the park has created a pathway, so that you don’t get hurt climbing rocks like these.



“The rough waters below can sometimes become addicting to watch.” Anthony shaphat


This is another picture that covers my inquire question. Making smart decisions during a hike can keep you safe from injurys and getting lost. In this picture you can see that I was not making a smart decision.



“Finding the right fishing spot can provide food for the day.” Anthony shaphat


this supports my inquire question by showing that it is always a good idea to find a place to catch your breathe, if you planned on camping, this would a great place since the land is smooth and open.




“A calm river can provide the perfect relax noise to listen to.” Anthony shaphat

Having stairs is a safe way in going up and down from a steep ledge. This supports my inquire question.

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