Farah Aly Great Falls Hike

Inquiry Pictures:

How much rain had fallen this season? These three pictures that were taken during my hike at Great Falls Virginia were the water level was so high.

Unexpected Angles:

These photographs have unusual and unexpected camera angles. The first photograph has a view of the tree trunk with the green moth growing on the trunk     The second photograph has a close-up view of the tree trunk and you can see the bark peeled off the top part revealing the inner layer of the trunk. The third photograph has a bird-eye view from on top of a rock.

Close Up:

If you look close in this photograph you see a rabbit formed by the mud and water from the rain that fell down for the past few days.




These photographs show texture because there are rocks and sticks surrounding the falls. The first photo shows the textures of a log which it shows thelines and ridges  and hard surface of the log. The second photo shows the textures of rocks and leaves which shows the rough and hard surface of the rock and the thick and soft as silk surface of the leaves.


This is a selfie of me and my friend Lucy with the background is the falls.

Visitor Center:

At the visitor center, I learned that there are thirty-six animals in the area of the Falls.


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