Farah Aly hike of choice great falls Maryland


this is my close up picture. I chose it because I love the colors of the flowers. it is nice that it is growing in between the rocks. good shade of purple.

shadow or reflection

This picture is my reflection. Because it has a shadow and the colors are bright and happy. the leaves look like they are going to rust in the wild.

textures(leaves, rocks and tree trunks and branches)

This picture has patterns. because the leaves have the same design on each leave.

this picture has texture. because it has a hard surface and it is broken into pieces.

this has texture. because it has a rough surface it has too much wood.


a selfie at great falls Maryland where I was standing on a bridge with the falls crashing underneath. the weather was cool and breezy, but the sun was making it feel warm.


Inquiry(How beautiful can nature be during fall?)

this is a good picture. because it is breath taking and how beautiful the fall leaves are.

this is the best picture. because it shows breathtaking views of the Potomac River.

the scene looks like it just came out of a painting. if you look at the clouds it seems like an artist painted them into the sky.

unusual angles

a different angle of the falls crashing onto the rocks. creating peaceful and calm sounds.

a view of the beautiful yellow fall leaves from under the branches. you can see the sky through the leaves and how blue and clear it is.

a view from atop the rocks of great falls Maryland. waves crashing, leading to rows of trees.`


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