Weekly 6

43 Stunning Landscape Photos: http://photophique.com/golden-hour-landscape-photography-tips/

1. As a comment to this post explain:

  1. Pick three of your favorite photos and explain why they are your favorites?

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  1. My top three favorite photos are the Jurassic Coast, Thailand, and Blue Hour photos. The Jurassic Coast photo has good perceptive and all of the details are very prominent and precise. The lights and shadows are reflecting on the rocks and landscape. The clouds add a great background and the colors are very vibrant and make the rocks stand out. The details are well incorporated in this photo and add extra emphasis to the water below the rocks, and in the horizon. The photo featured in Thailand has a great scenery and the colors are very vibrant, and add to the beauty of the landscape. The extra detail of the person pulling the boat to shore was a great inclusion to the photo. The horizon is prominent with light and darkness and I like the details of the reflection of the sun on the water. I like the Blue Hours photos because it shows the sunset and the pastel tones. These photos give me a sense of peace and are not overwhelming in detail with the rest of the landscape. There is balance between all of the elements.

  2. 1. The Jurassic coast was one of my favorite because the colours and landscape are both dynamic and beautiful.
    2. The picture taken in Thailand was also one of my favorites, because I found it interesting that the photographer included a story in the picture.
    3. The picture taken of the beach in “blue hours” because the tone and colours of the picture are so calm and pretty.

  3. My three favorite photos were the Jurassic Coast in England, the one in Thailand, and the lighthouse photo. These were my favorites since they looked pretty cool and had a nice contrast between the light and the sky which was blue. The landscape in the Jurassic Coast makes it look interesting and the waves splashing down on it contributes as well. The photo of the one in Thailand is pretty cool since it looks somewhat dramatic due to how the photo is taken. The elements within the landscape photo make it seem calm and the lighthouse is emphasized in the photo since it stands out from the rest of the picture.

  4. #1 Preparation in paramount: I like how the lighting is in this photo as well as the rocks in the photo (the rock photo)

    #2 Location: I enjoy this photo because I feel as though it tells a story maybe even a journey. (the picture with the boat)

    #3 Blue hour photography: this photo is interesting due to the different lighting that they were able to capture

  5. Preparation is Paramount-Reminds me of the Mata Nui Online Game.
    Location Location 2-The thin dark sky with light breaking though makes the ground a similar shade.
    Lighthouse-Crystal clear photo and pleasing to look at due to the interesting colored lighthouse and the changing sky. In addition the moon is still out.

  6. 1.) Location – I really enjoy this photo because it has an expansive background while the subject of the photo is centered and draws your attention. The color scheme is also really aesthetically pleasing and complements the warm tones of the person and their boat.

    2.) Golden Hour – I really like the pastel tone of this photo, the landscape is also very beautiful. It also looks as though the photo has various layers because of the different lines and subjects within the picture.

    3.) Blue Hour – The contrast of the ground and lighthouse next to the sky is very appealing. The different colors within each section of the photo, from the grass up to the sky, are all a nice blend that really draws you in.

  7. I liked the pictures which were the Jurrasic coast in England, Thailand and the blue hour photography. I liked the Jurassic coast picture because of the colors of the sky and the waves crashing on the rocks are reflecting the suns light with a beautiful tone of orange. I liked the Thailand picture because it looks like it came out of a painting. the golden sand has a reflection on the waves and the tone of the sky also. In the blue hour photograph there is not much trees. the color of the sky reflect on the sand and the picture shows hues of orange.

  8. 1) I enjoyed the preparation is paramount, and the 2 preparation pics because they are very good outdoors pictures that incorporate the setting suns ‘golden hour’ while still showing off the rule of thirds. I like how rocks were worked in and I liked seeing the ‘blue hour’.

  9. 1. The photo of the Jurassic Coast because the leading line of the rocks going to the big rock that is standing alone creates a nice flow in the picture and also leads to the pretty sky.
    2. The first photo under the “blue photography” subheading because of the purple and yellow color scheme, it is my favorite complementary color pair.
    3. The first picture in the article because the close up of the flowers and the beautiful lighting.

  10. 1. The Thailand photo, I like the use of the rule of thirds where the photographer put both subjects of the image in opposing thirds so the subjects are placed in easily noticeable places in the photos. The diagonal line coming from the boat to the person also helps lead the eye from the boat to the person pulling it.
    2. The photo taken in South East England. The rule of thirds is present horizontally where the top third of the image consists of blue clouds and the bottom third consists of the blue beach. The color of pastel pink that pops out of the blue is present in the middle third. The image is also very dynamic and features many different patterns from both the sky and the ground.
    3. The lighthouse photo. Rule of thirds is also used here. The lighthouse is placed in the left part of the image. The sky, seas and ground also divide the image into three. The white and red colors of the lighthouse pop out of the blue gray and green.

  11. 1) I like the very first picture a lot. this is because it looks like you can actually see the glair from the sun as it is hitting the flowers.

    2) I like the Jurassic coast picture a lot because it is very clear and focused. the water also makes the picture look aggressive and wild.

    3) I like the picture of the man pulling the boat because there are 3 main colors in this picture: orange, turquoise yellow and blue

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