Due Oct 24th – hike of choice

With one or more classmates or friends hike somewhere of your choice – ideally somewhere you have never been before. A park, historic site, trail etc.

Before class on the Oct. 31st.photos need to be uploaded before our next class

1) Post your favorite photo on social media site of your choice with a storytelling reflective description

Pick 12 photographs – 1 each for the following and put your photos on your Google Drive or email them to yourself

1.-3. Three (3) photographs that best illustrates your inquiry topic/question

4.-6. Three (3) photographs using an unusual and unexpected camera angle

7. close up

8. Shadow or reflection

9.-11. Three (3) photographs of different textures and or patterns

12. Selfie with at least one classmate or hiking partner

3) Create a new post and add your 12 photos using “insert media” and “upload media” set to “large size”  or “Full Size” if large is not an option

Tittle you post: Your full name – hike of choice
Use category: Hike of choice

4) In the post under each photograph: type one each of the following that best adds meaning and storytelling to your photographs:

Quote – cited



Song lyric or line from a poem – cited

An anecdote about how you felt when taking the photo

5) Add a screen capture of a social media with one or more of your photos and how many “likes” etc.

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