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5 Reasons Why Bad Weather Days are the Best Times for Photography:  https://digital-photography-school.com/5-reasons-why-bad-weather-days-are-the-best-times-for-photography/

1. As a comment to this post explain:

  1. What are 5 reasons why bad weather is the best time for photography?

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  1. 1. Clouds add a dramatic effect to photos
    2. Wind provides for artistic exposure.
    3. Rain provides different color and for cool effects.
    4. Snow adds a different emotion and perspective in the photos.
    5. Fog helps add a backdrop and is good for storytelling.

  2. #1 Taking a picture when its cloudy makes for a dramatic photo.
    #2 Taking a picture in the wind makes for a more artistic photo.
    #3 Rainy days make for perfect effects.
    #4 Taking a photo in the snow makes for a more impactful photo.
    #5 Taking a photo in the fog is great for storytelling as well as setting a mood or tone.

    -Aaliyah Clark

  3. #1 CLOUD PHOTOGRAPHY – Adds in a lot of drama
    #2 WIND PHOTOGRAPHY – Really good for long exposures
    #3 RAINY DAY PHOTOGRAPHY – the water can help really make the water pop
    #4 SNOW PHOTOGRAPHY – Adds instant texture to photos
    #5 FOG PHOTOGRAPHY – is really good for making really cool shots, using the fog as an artificial backdrop.

  4. 1) cloud photography for dramatic images
    2) wind photography for artistic exposures
    3) rainy day photography for color and special effects
    4) snow photography
    5) fog photography

  5. Dark and unpredictable clouds: Add a dramatic feel for images. Use black and white photography when imaging clouds.
    Powerful winds: Add motion to images. Use long exposure to highlight the motion made by the winds.
    Rain and drizzle: Adds color and special effects to photos. Use close ups for taking abstract images.
    Snow: Adds and element of emotion to photos. Falling snow adds instant texture.
    Fog: Moody and high impact scenic shots. Can be used as a backdrop to hide background objects it can also add a pastel effect to images.

  6. Poor weather is ideal for photography because:
    1.) Clouds add a dramatic effect (invokes different moods/feelings)
    2.) Wind captures the effect of motion in an artistic manner.
    3.)Rainy days causes photos to look abstract with the way water reflects and refracts light.
    4.)Snowy weather adds texture, a softness, and provokes a feeling of familiarity.
    5.) Fog adds a cold glow, and blurs out background images so that the viewer can really focus on the subject.


  8. 1. Dramatic clouds
    2. wind photography for artistic exposure
    3. Rain makes for good special effects and colors
    4. snow photography
    5. fog photography

  9. 1) Clouds add a dramatic feeling
    2) Winds add motion to images
    3) Rain add color and special effects
    4) Snow add emotion
    5) Fog add high impact scenery

  10. 1.)Clouds can be brooding, moody and sinister – a great backdrop for photographing old buildings, new skyscrapers, and trees.

    2.) Windy days provide you with all you need to make excellent motion studies for long exposures – tall grasses flowing like waves, tress swaying wildly, leaves trembling and dancing full of motion.

    3.)Rain is great for artistic and creative photos.

    When it’s wet outside, colors become deeper, richer and more saturated. This provides you with a way to look at the great outdoors in a “different light.” Observe how flat and lifeless colors appear on an overcast day. But add some rain and the colors really stand out.

    4.) Gently falling snowflakes in photography can add an additional element of emotion to add more impact to your images. Heavy falling snow adds an instant texture to your images. Colors appear softer, and less vibrant as they compete with the white of the flakes. It adds an instant painterly effect to most images – especially those with lots of natural colors.

    5.) Fog – moody and high impact scenic shots, great for storytelling, and it can be used as a “backdrop” to hide distracting backgrounds to isolate your subject. Fog photography adds an instant pastel effect to your images, which can make for stunning fine art photography.

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