Due Oct. 10th – Arlington National Cemetery – hike

Arlington Cemetery Metro to Arlington National Cemetery

Before class on the Oct. 18th.photos need to be uploaded before our next class

1) Post your favorite photo on social media site of your choice with a storytelling reflective description

Pick 12 photos – 1 each for the following and put your photos on your Google Drive or email them to yourself

1. A photo that best illustrates your inquiry topic/question

2-4. At least three different memorials listed here: http://www.arlingtoncemetery.mil/Explore/Monuments-and-Memorials

5. John F. Kennedy grave site

6. Tomb of the unknown soldier

7. Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial

8. Rows of grave sites

9. Selfie with at least one classmate

10. Scenic view from the font of Arlington House

11. Shadow or reflection

12. Closeup

13. A gravesite stone, marker, or monument
This caption should be the accomplishments of the individual – why they are buried in Arlington National Cemetery

3) Create a new post and add your 12 photos using “insert media” and “upload media” set to “large size”  or “Full Size” if large is not an option

Tittle you post: Your full name – Arlington National Cemetery
Use category: Arlington national Cemetery

4) In the post under each photograph: type one each of the following that best adds meaning and storytelling to your photographs:

An inscription or name and date from a memorial or grave site

Quote – cited



Song lyric or line from a poem – cited

An anecdote about how you felt when taking the photo

5) Add a screen capture of a social media with one or more of your photos and how many “likes” etc.

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