4th Annual Constitution Day Luncheon

1) Attend the 4th Annual Constitution Day Luncheon
2) Write what you learned as comment to this post
WEDNESDAY12:00 PM – 01:00 PM
Join us for the 14th annual Constitution Day Luncheon featuring a talk titled “The Importance of Civic Engagement and Civil Discourse in Today’s Political Environment” with speaker David Simas, CEO of the Obama Foundation.

2 Comments on “4th Annual Constitution Day Luncheon

  1. I learned at the Constitution Day Luncheon that civil discourse is important because people need to be able to fully understand their rights to be able to carry out basic activities of life

  2. During constitution day I had the pleasure to listen to David Simas speak on his life story. I learned that you must always stay true to yourself and that if you know your hole ask for help; you cant do everything alone in life. David Simas went on to say that people will help you no matter who it is because of the connection they have with you not because or your title. With that being said the more we can come together as a community the more connected our country becomes so we can envision it the way we want.

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