Due 9/12 and 9/19 Zoo hike

National Zoo: https://nationalzoo.si.edu/visit

Zoo hike photographs assignment:
Map of zoo: 

Take landscape photos – hold your phone or camera horizontal

  1. Post your favorite photo on social media site of your choice with a storytelling reflective description
  2. Pick 12 photos – 1 each for the following:
  3. Before class on the 19th put your photos on your Google Drive or email them to yourself
    1. Selfie with at least one classmate by your favorite animal or animal habitat
    2. Scenic view of your favorite animal habitat
    3. Closeup of your favorite animal
    4. Facial express of your favorite animal
    5. Unusual camera angle of a scene at the zoo
    6. Your favorite photo from this adventure
    7. Elephant
    8. Lion or Tiger
    9. Ape or monkey
    10. Reptile or snake
    11. Bird or eagle
    12. Seal or otter

During class on September 20th
1) Create a new post and add your 12 photos

  • Select “Category” Zoo hike. Deselect “Category” Uncategorized
  • Select “insert media” and select “full size” and select “upload media”  (If “full size” is not an option use “large”)

2) In the post under each photograph: type one of the following that best adds meaning and storytelling to your photographs:

  • Quote – cited
  • Factoid
  • Proverb
  • Song lyric or line from a poem – cited
  • An anecdote about taking the photo

3) Add a screen capture of a social media to the post with one or more of your photos and how many “likes” etc.

Tittle you post: Your full name Zoo hike
Use category: Zoo hike

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