Weekly 1

Watch 9 Photo Composition Tips:

As a comment to this post: List the 9 composition rules covered in this video?

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    • 1. Rule of thirds
      2. Leading lines
      3. Diagonals
      4. Framing
      5. Figure to ground
      6. Fill the frame
      7. Center dominant eye
      8. Patterns and repetition
      9. Symmetr

  1. Rule Number 1: Rule of thirds (place points of interest on intersections)
    Rule Number 2: Leading lines (use natural lines to lead eyes to picture)
    Rule Number 3: Diagonals (Create Great Movement)
    Rule Number 4: Framing (Use natural frames like windows and frames)
    Rule Number 5: Figure toward the ground (finding a contrast between subject and ground)
    Rule Number 6: Fill the Frame (Get close to your subjects)
    Rule Number 7: Center Dominate Eye (Place dominate eye in the center of the photo)
    Rule Number 8: Patterns and Repetition (Patterns are aesthetically pleasing)
    Rule Number 9: Symmetry (Pleasing to the eye)

    Aaliyah Clark

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  2. 1.The rule of thirds 9 by 9. Get target into one box.
    2.Lead in lines
    5.Figure to the ground
    6.Fill the frame
    7.Have dominant eye centered to make it look like its watching the viewer.
    8.Patters and repetition

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