Justin Kenny Talk – Melissa Morreale

I am so happy that I attended this event because getting to hear Justin Kenny speak was so inspiring. He taught that anything can be done if you work hard and want it bad enough. He made me… Read More

DUE Oct 26: Group Outdoor Awareness Display Research

Each group will synthesize their individual research into ONE GROUP PROJECT. As a comment to this post, please do the following: Write the names of your group members. Write a 1-2 paragraphs of cited research where you collect info from at least… Read More

outdoor awareness display project- melissa morreale

The easiest way to get a point across, or spread a message with millennials is through social media. According to the Huffington Post, millennials want to have experiences that they can post about on social media and share with… Read More

Outdoor Awareness Display Research- Grace Lesce

Going outside and smelling the roses is not just old saying anymore. It is something that as a generation we should strive for. Since the boom of technology in the past couple decades, the amount of civilians outdoors… Read More

Justin Kenny Talk

Extra Credit:  If you decide to do Justin Kenny’s talk for this activity, you will get 5 extra credit points if you:  Post a picture of the event and a selfie at the event Write one thing you… Read More

Due BEFORE Class Oct 19: Preliminary Outdoor Awareness Display Research

In order to prepare for the Outdoor Awareness Display Project, EACH STUDENT will: Do cited research where you collect info from three sources and write a 1-2 paragraph “blurb” re: using social media for outdoor activism. (You can see more about citing… Read More

Week 2 Discovery Challenge

1. http://www.spawnak.com/post/social-media-outdoors-its-all-about-balance/ This article speaks about the balance people should have between the outdoors and social media. It may be great for the outdoors, as we can share with our community the great things outdoors, as long as… Read More

Due start of class Oct. 12th – outdoor service project

Due BEFORE class on Oct. 12th Step 4: On the class blog, share your experience Use category: Outdoor service project Include Explain what you did, where and whom you did it with. A screen capture of your social media post where… Read More

Due Sept 26th, 28th and Oct. 5th – Local adventure

By Monday September 26th.  By Monday, as a comment to this assignment list, designate one group member to write (a) who is in your group, (b) what you are planning to do, (c) where, and (d) why (answer… Read More

Due in class Sept 21st – Use of Social Media Report

“Using Social Media for Millennial Outdoors Advocacy” This assignment is due by the end of class on Wednesday, September 21. You will be working on it in class that day.   Assignment details: Each group member will find 3 links… Read More

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