DUE Oct 26: Group Outdoor Awareness Display Research

Each group will synthesize their individual research into ONE GROUP PROJECT. As a comment to this post, please do the following: Write the names of your group members. Write a 1-2 paragraphs of cited research where you collect info from at least… Read More

outdoor awareness display project- melissa morreale

The easiest way to get a point across, or spread a message with millennials is through social media. According to the Huffington Post, millennials want to have experiences that they can post about on social media and share with… Read More

Outdoor Awareness Display Research- Grace Lesce

Going outside and smelling the roses is not just old saying anymore. It is something that as a generation we should strive for. Since the boom of technology in the past couple decades, the amount of civilians outdoors… Read More

Due BEFORE Class Oct 19: Preliminary Outdoor Awareness Display Research

In order to prepare for the Outdoor Awareness Display Project, EACH STUDENT will: Do cited research where you collect info from three sources and write a 1-2 paragraph “blurb” re: using social media for outdoor activism. (You can see more about citing… Read More

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