Kevin Kochel – Justin Kenny Talk

While attending the Justin Kenny talk, I learned that college is a good place to start placing building blocks for my future. As I grow older, I am likely to rely on the skills I have learned here… Read More

Callahan Pels- Justin Kenny Talk

Justin Kenny is a successful journalist who gained his roots at Marymount University. While one might believe that someone as outstanding as Mr. Kenny had rarely faced any set backs, the opposite is actually true. On October 19th,… Read More

Kalie Standish-Justin Kenny Talk

For my second campus activity report, I attended the Justin Kenny talk at Reinsch Auditorium. This event was on October 19th at 7:30 pm. Justin Kenny, a Marymount alumni, visited to talk to faculty, students, and any others… Read More

Yagmur Guller – Justin Kenny

Attending to the Justin Kenny Talk last week helped me to look at things differently. During his speech he made some jokes and gave us some helpful information and advices. He told us that, when he was young… Read More

Alanoud Badeeb- Justen Kenny Talk

  Justin Kenny graduated from Marymount University in mass media communication and English major in 1996. He earned two Emmy Awards while working as an editor for PBS News Hour in 2012 and 2015. Also, Kenny won a… Read More

Justin Kenny Talk – Melissa Morreale

I am so happy that I attended this event because getting to hear Justin Kenny speak was so inspiring. He taught that anything can be done if you work hard and want it bad enough. He made me… Read More

Justin Kenny Talk

Extra Credit:  If you decide to do Justin Kenny’s talk for this activity, you will get 5 extra credit points if you:  Post a picture of the event and a selfie at the event Write one thing you… Read More

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