Due Dec 14 – Creative performance

Due in class Wednesday, Dec 15th the day of our scheduled final. Please note: Class Meets in video studio in the lower level of the library. Creative performance -5-6 minutes Theme: #MUOutdoors  – Outdoor experience Format: Song, dance, poetry, cheers, comedy, rap…… Read More

Due Dec. 7th – Photo Book

Due Before class starts next week Dec. 7th – Photo Book A PDF of your Photo Book needs to be uploaded to our course Canvas site  1) Using the Apple Photo application – per course instructions 2) Create a 20 page 8″ x… Read More

DUE Nov 30TH: MU Outdoors Adventure

Part 1: Host your event and have fun! Share the outdoors with your Marymount Community. Use the plan you presented and was approved in class. Remember to have at least three additional people for each of your group… Read More

Tiana Thomas- Great falls photos

 Scenic landscape “Think of your life as a waterfall; it may come crashing down at some point, it may have its ups and downs, but in the end it will continue to flow” Angle looking up Emotional… Read More

Kevin Kochel – Justin Kenny Talk

While attending the Justin Kenny talk, I learned that college is a good place to start placing building blocks for my future. As I grow older, I am likely to rely on the skills I have learned here… Read More

Callahan Pels- Justin Kenny Talk

Justin Kenny is a successful journalist who gained his roots at Marymount University. While one might believe that someone as outstanding as Mr. Kenny had rarely faced any set backs, the opposite is actually true. On October 19th,… Read More

Kalie Standish-Justin Kenny Talk

For my second campus activity report, I attended the Justin Kenny talk at Reinsch Auditorium. This event was on October 19th at 7:30 pm. Justin Kenny, a Marymount alumni, visited to talk to faculty, students, and any others… Read More

Due Nov. 2nd. – Great Falls Adventure Photographs

Due Before class starts Nov. 2nd. – 17 Great Falls Photographs 1) Take 17 photos listed below 2) Create a new post and: Add your photos and have them set to “large size” (or “Full Size” if large is not… Read More

Yagmur Guller – Justin Kenny

Attending to the Justin Kenny Talk last week helped me to look at things differently. During his speech he made some jokes and gave us some helpful information and advices. He told us that, when he was young… Read More

Alanoud Badeeb- Justen Kenny Talk

  Justin Kenny graduated from Marymount University in mass media communication and English major in 1996. He earned two Emmy Awards while working as an editor for PBS News Hour in 2012 and 2015. Also, Kenny won a… Read More

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