Due Sept. 14 – Weekly Challenge

Hayley Elizondo – Outdoor Service Project

Over fall break I stayed on campus. Since it was Kevin, my room mate and myself we ventured over to the park across from campus to clean it up. We found very little trash, which is a good… Read More

Hannah Ratcliff- Local Adventure

1. Selfie with a class mate: 2. An establishing view: This outdoor amphitheater is dedicated to all of the American soldiers who have fought for out country’s freedom. Written above the stage are the words, “We here highly… Read More

Callahan Pels- Local Adventure

fire hydrant oddly placed within the woods   Taking a closeup of a leaf Take caution while hiking off trails Establishing view of the trail Selfie from after the hike! Photos shared on VSCO

Hannah Ratcliff- Memorial Hike

National War Memorial- Caption: This was taken from the ground at a title angle from underneath an archway at the exit of the memorial. At the entrance, a wall of the monument says, “They fought together as brothers-in-arms…. Read More

Tiana Thomas-Potomac Hike

wild animals who is she #Nature DMV Pretty & Pink Love these flowers Baby ant From snapchat

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