Potomac Hike Photos (Remixed)

Family shot at the end of a long night of camping. This was something creative to come back to the room and see. Guess he like elephants. Who knew? Skydiving. Not really, we did it in a skydiving… Read More

Lucy Matteo Potomac Hike

I rarely take selfies, but I had to make an exception this time. Scenic view of our group by the water Although it’s hard to see, the water was exceptionally clear. This structure was possibly the coolest thing… Read More

Melissa Morreale- Potomac Hike

beautiful scenery is worth a hike nature meets graffiti find your balance on the go selfie throwing up peace

Grace Lesce- Potomac Hike Photos

The lighting was good, so we had to stop take a selfie.  It took a couple of tries but we got one! 2.  The perfections of nature all in one picture. The sky is so blue, the trees… Read More

Kyle Dinsmore-Potomac Hike

Alanoud Badeeb-Potomac Hike

this broken tree branch looks enormous Having some snacks in front of this beautiful view (The Potomac River) I could set in front of this relaxing view the whole day   Huge spider’s wed that I fond in the… Read More

Hannah Ratcliff- Potomac Hike

All of these photos are posted on my Flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHskJ67GyB #1- Selfie with at least one classmate: Grace and I took this selfie under the bridge next to the Potomac… It took several tries and we still weren’t satisfied… Read More

Emma Zombro Potomac Hike

For the first discover class of the year we hiked down to the Potomac River. We walked through streams, jumped on rocks, and got to see some beautiful sceneries.   While we were sitting at the entrance to… Read More

Valeria Falcon Machi- Potomac Hike

Discovered I don’t have to travel very far to get some fresh air. It was as simple as stepping out of my comfort zone, and as a result I met some pretty cool people in the process. So… Read More

Callahan Pels-Potomac Trail Hike


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