Yagmur Guller – Community Service

I found a chance to spent some time with my family during fall break and they accepted to help me clean the trash around the area. We brought our dog with us and the only thing she wanted… Read More

Emma Zombro- Outdoor Service Project

For fall break I went home to visit family, friends, and my dog. I was really excited for this assignment because I love my local community back home and I view myself as an environmentally aware citizen. My… Read More

Hayley Elizondo – Outdoor Service Project

Over fall break I stayed on campus. Since it was Kevin, my room mate and myself we ventured over to the park across from campus to clean it up. We found very little trash, which is a good… Read More

Valeria Falcon Machi- Outdoor Service Project

As instructed by my Discovery Class, had to do a Service project during my fall break and what better way to serve the community then picking up trash left behind in my local park. Not only did I… Read More

Outdoor service project- Melissa Morreale

Over fall break I went home to visit my family, and we had some fun doing this assignment together. My parents and aunt helped me clean up some of the local neighborhoods that needed it. After we picked… Read More

Due start of class Oct. 12th – outdoor service project

Due BEFORE class on Oct. 12th Step 4: On the class blog, share your experience Use category: Outdoor service project Include Explain what you did, where and whom you did it with. A screen capture of your social media post where… Read More

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