Kyle Dinsmore – Community Service

A couple of teammates and I waked the Potomac overlook and cleaned up trash along the path behind the library. We collected roughly two garbage bags of garbage along our journey and we also met a couple hikers… Read More

Harold Parham – Outdoor Service Project

My kids and I walked around the neighborhood and picked up trash on our way to play at the park. I enjoyed this outdoor adventure because it introduced my kids at a young age that even going out… Read More

Hannah Ratcliff- Community Service

For my community service project, I went home for the weekend and my brother, my dog, and I went to my next door neighbors house after he got off work and helped him clean up his yard along… Read More

Alanoud Badeeb – Community Service

Grace Lesce- Community Service

  On a walk back from a friends apartment, I decided to pick up a few pieces of trash I saw on the sidewalk along Lee Highway. I was by myself, so you can imagine the strange looks… Read More

Talia Santiago – Community Service

I was lucky enough to get to go home for fall break and so for my service adventure, I went out into a little town close to my house called Lansdale, PA where my aunt lives and collected… Read More

Kalie Standish-Community Service

For my outdoor service project, my cousin and I hiked the mountains in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. The heavy wind may have made for a bad hair day. We got weird stares while picking up trash on a mountain,… Read More

Callahan Pels- Community Service

      It took about two minutes for me to get this shot since my dog kept trying to eat the piece of tinfoil. We don’t know what the wrapping once housed, but we do know that… Read More

Kevin Kochel – Outdoor Service Project

Elmer Argueta – Community Service

I went to the Leesylvania State Park to pick up some trash that was left unattended for quite some while. I went with my girlfriend Allie and my kitten Robin. This assignment was a great way for me… Read More

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