Kevin, Kyle, Elmer, Callahan – MU Outdoors Adventure

On November 16, the four of us, Kevin, Kyle, Elmer, and Callahan, all got together with a couple of friends and made our way to the National Zoo located in nearby capital, Washington D.C. Our goals in this… Read More

Alanoud, Valeria, Hannah, and Yagmur- MU Outdoors Adventure

Group member: Alanoud, Valeria, Hannah, and Yagmur ¬†For this outdoor adventure assignment we (Alanoud, Valeria, Hannah, and Yagmur) went to park close to Marymount University and we invited some friends but unfortunately we end up having one person… Read More

Kalie, Talia, Melissa-MU Outdoors Adventure

Kalie, Talia, Melissa For this assignment, we conducted outdoor meditation and yoga. Our group consisted of a couple of friends. Our goal was to show people that the outdoors is a peaceful place to clear one’s mind and… Read More

DUE Nov 30TH: MU Outdoors Adventure

Part 1: Host your event and have fun! Share the outdoors with your Marymount Community. Use the plan you presented and was approved in class. Remember to have at least three additional people for each of your group… Read More

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