Kyle Dinsmore – Local Adventure

Yagmur Guller – Local Adventure

Closeup It was really hard to read the safe boating rules when there was a beautiful view of the Monument in front of us. 2. Abstraction Wearing rain boots was the best decision I made that day! 3…. Read More

Alanoud Badeeb – Local Adventure

1. Humorous Photo from social media 2.Unusual Camera Angle   3.Reflection 4.Establishing View 5.Selfie 6.Closeup  

Hayley Elizondo – Local Adventure

  establishing view. It is crazy to think about that these hills are filled with numbers of men and women who served our country so that we may be free.  reflection. Here I am walking around in my… Read More

Emma Zombro- Local Adventure

Posted group selfie to my Marymount album on Facebook. Took a group selfie at Arlington National Cemetery. Section 32. Friends walking out of the cemetery. Sign leading us to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Ceiling of the… Read More

Valeria Falcon- Local Adventure

The girls and I paddle boating on the Tidal Basin in DC Quote of the day: “Trust me its harder than it looks” Screen Shot of Selfie from Social Media #squad The caption says it all- it was… Read More

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