Lucy Matteo Local Adventure

Not exactly the best weather for paddle-boating… At least the view from the water was nice! Probably the best reflection one can get on a rainy day. It was actually pretty tiring to keep pedaling, so we had… Read More

Hannah Ratcliff- Local Adventure

1. Selfie with a class mate: 2. An establishing view: This outdoor amphitheater is dedicated to all of the American soldiers who have fought for out country’s freedom. Written above the stage are the words, “We here highly… Read More

Melissa Morreale- Local Adventure

I love how they all line up so perfectly light the fire in your heart faith and devotion managed to get a reflection in this puddle, it was a rainy day we discovered the unknown facebook post, selfie… Read More

Harold Parham – Local Adventure

Callahan Pels- Local Adventure

fire hydrant oddly placed within the woods   Taking a closeup of a leaf Take caution while hiking off trails Establishing view of the trail Selfie from after the hike! Photos shared on VSCO

Elmer Argueta – Local Adventure

Astonishing views. Appreciate every little detail in life. Life after death. Location, Location, Location. Gruesome remains. Explore the unexplored.

Kevin Kochel – Local Adventure


Grace Lesce- Local Adventure

  Its a thing we have where we can never anything besides a serious face in our selfies;) Many lives were lost, but they’re in a place of peace now. You’re never too old to play in puddles!… Read More

Kalie Standish-Local Adventure

Selfie with a classmate: We managed to get one in right before it started to downpour. 2. Establishing view: Standing at the JFK gravesite and overlooking the city of DC. 3. Abstraction: The changing of the guard caused… Read More

Talia Santiago – Local Adventure

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