Due Dec 14 – Creative performance

Due in class Wednesday, Dec 15th the day of our scheduled final.

Please note: Class Meets in video studio in the lower level of the library.

Creative performance -5-6 minutes

Theme: #MUOutdoors  – Outdoor experience

Format: Song, dance, poetry, cheers, comedy, rap… audience participation encouraged.

More creative, the more fun, the more awesome!

One Comment on “Due Dec 14 – Creative performance

  1. Group 1 (Kyle, Elmer, Kevin, Callahan)
    Group 2 (Emma, Grace, Hayley, Hannah)
    Group 3 (Valeria, Alanoud, Mira, Lucy)
    Group 4 (Kalie, Melissa, Talia, Tiana)
    Individual (Harold)

    Videographer: Emily

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