Kevin, Kyle, Elmer, Callahan – MU Outdoors Adventure

On November 16, the four of us, Kevin, Kyle, Elmer, and Callahan, all got together with a couple of friends and made our way to the National Zoo located in nearby capital, Washington D.C. Our goals in this adventure was to have a great time with the friends we have made over the past few months whilst attending Marymount.

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Success Report:

While we did not meet the requirement of how many students we would have to bring, we still mananged to go to the zoo and have a great time. In the end, we only managed to gather six friends to join us in our adventure. It was difficult because scheduling and needing to have been able to organize 12 others that all had class and would have to fit a trip to the zoo into their free time. Another issue our group had was gathering everyone that did attend together as a whole. We soon found out that despite technically being adults, going to the zoo opens up our inner child and causes people to run around to see all the animals, because of this, there is no “group” photo containing everyone, but instead, two photos that contain


This was our first attempt at a group photo, but not our entire group.


My favorite photo from the trip was definately me stalking the “Panda Researcher” and by no means EVER tapping on the glass to see if it scared them.


Our adventure begins! And we only lost two of our members within the first 10 minutes.


We arrived! Not with everyone, but we arrived.


The first exhibit we saw: bison. Not flying bison like Appa, but instead, land bison.


Our final adventure photo. Kyle looking back on the great times we had at the zoo.

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