Due Dec. 7th – Photo Book

Due Before class starts next week Dec. 7th – Photo Book
A PDF of your Photo Book needs to be uploaded to our course Canvas site 

1) Using the Apple Photo application – per course instructions
 Create a 20 page 8″ x  6″ book of your photos and captions from each class adventure
3) Use at least 1 photo from each of the adventures and more photos from the adventures of your choice

  • Potomac Hike
  • Memorial Hike
  • Choose your Own Adventure
  • Great Falls National Park
  • Service Project/Adventure
  • Outdoor adventure with students outside of our class

4) On your cover include:
A. Your book title
B. Your full name
C. In smaller type DSC 101 fall 2016

5) For at least half of the photos in your book include either:
Spell and grammar check all of your text – using Word before adding it to your Photo Book

  • a cited quote to one of the favorite photos
  • a lyric to one of the favorite photos
  • a proverb to one of the favorite photos
  • a story related to why you took the photo
  • a reflective quote

6) Option click on the grey area of your book and save as a PDF (make sure the extension is turned on)
7) Upload your Photo Book to our course Canvas site

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