Alanoud, Valeria, Hannah, and Yagmur- MU Outdoors Adventure

  1. Group member: Alanoud, Valeria, Hannah, and Yagmur
  2.  For this outdoor adventure assignment we (Alanoud, Valeria, Hannah, and Yagmur) went to park close to Marymount University and we invited some friends but unfortunately we end up having one person only, thankfully Emily joined us and we had fun by sharing some popcorn, biscuits, and delicious cookies that were made by Yagmur. The group goal was to get more people and our plan has been changed due to our goal. This hashtag #picnicatthepark was published by our group.
  3. On the picnic, we were 6 people total including the group members and our peer mentor Emily. We shared our photos on Snapchat so we were not able to get any likes but plenty of people was able to see the delicious foods we ate and the fun we had. During our time, we ate chocolate chip with peppermint cookies made by Yagmur, chips, and popcorns brought by Valeria and biscuits, marshmallows and chocolate brought by Alanoud. We spend our time by eating, taking photos and talking. It was a great opportunity to spend our time on outdoors while we got to know each other better and eat the delicious things we brought.

    screen shot


    group photo


    favorite shot


    series of 4 shots

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