DUE Nov 30TH: MU Outdoors Adventure

Part 1:

Host your event and have fun! Share the outdoors with your Marymount Community. Use the plan you presented and was approved in class. Remember to have at least three additional people for each of your group members.

Part 2:

Tell us about it!

Post BEFORE class on the class blog, one post per group.

Use category: MU Outdoors Adventure

  1. Names of everyone in the group
  2. Sentence or two explaining:
    • what you did
    • with whom you did it
    • what your goals were
    • your hashtags
  3. Success Report: Paragraph explaining how you are measuring success based on your goals and details about your results and reach (how many people attended, shared photos, liked your posts, etc). This is your chance to impress us and report back on what made your event awesome!
  4. Extra credit: If you have any extra folks beyond your 3 per person, tell us how many (and the group photo should verify this) and if anyone in your group attends another group’s event, list your name and which events)
  5. Photos:
    1. Screen shots of photos from your social media (showing comments, or likes, etc.)
    2. A group photo of everyone
    3. You favorite shot from the event
    4. A series of 4 shots that show the beginning, middle and end, and help tell the story of your event. What were the results? The highlights? Show nature, show people’s expressions!

For your photos, they can be taken by anyone in your group or by someone you assist for the group photo. For the ‘favorite’ photo, these can also be from anyone that attended the event, so if someone grabs a great shot and posts it on social media, you can use this to help tell your story. You photos must have good composition and good lighting. Remember the rule of thirds and getting close for expressions, again, this is your chance to prove what you learned! Your screen shots should include your descriptions and hashtags.

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