Great Falls Photos- Melissa Morreale


  1. creative use of lighting “All day I’ve been inside
    And I’ve got the feeling
    I’m trapped between the walls
    And underneath the ceiling
    I feel a bit off track
    And now I’m trying to get back

    Back in the cool cool air
    Where the sun in shining
    Nothing’s gonna stop me
    It’s all in the timing
    It’s finally again my turn
    It’s time to return” Outdoors by Jason Mraz


2. looking down

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”
― John Muir


3. creative shot I took this photo because the paint on the rock looked interesting to me, it is rare that you find paint splatters in nature so I wanted to capture it.



4. A shot that uses framing    Nature without an effort surpasses art.


5. Scenic landscape

Being at Great Falls was an eye opening experience, not only because I have never been here before but because the beauty of this place made me feel so at peace with myself and my state of mind. I felt connected and in the moment more than ever.

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