Kyle Dinsmore – Great Falls Photos

Scenic Landscape

Saw Great Falls on a great fall day Reflective quote: ” Being able to experience nature through sights like this is truly something to take advantage of”.

Portrait of another person

Mindful relaxation

Simplicity at its finest

Point of view shot

Experiencing the gift of beauty


narrow pathways lead to peace and life beyond what we know

Camera angle looking up

With natural beauty comes threatening danger

Camera angle looking down

May be down but still moving forward. Green and blues and the white caps play off each other well. Proverb: German Proverb-“Every one must pay his debt to nature”.

Photo at eye level

There’s life every where you look, you just need to look in front of you

Camera on the ground

Beauty under the visual surface. Kid’s take note

Photo from waist level

As if land and water were in a civil war Song Lyric: “Dont push me cause Im close to the edge, Im trying not to lose my head”. – Grandmaster Flash

Creative Angle

Where water consumes the fallen Quote: “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower”. – Albert Camus

Creative use of lighting

The surface distorts what lies underneath. Story: I took this picture because it stands as a symbol of things that lie under the surface rather than what we allow ourselves to see.

1/3 sky

Views hidden amongst views

2/3 sky

Life grows towards the stars

Favorite Pic

living and non-living beauty under the heavens


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