Outdoor Awareness Display Research- Grace Lesce

  1. Going outside and smelling the roses is not just old saying anymore. It is something that as a generation we should strive for. Since the boom of technology in the past couple decades, the amount of civilians outdoors has plummeted into the ground. Being outdoors can help conserve public lands and helps create experiences powered by the human mind. Going outside and exploring also serves an educational purpose. A group called Wilderness helps people reconnect with the earth and also helps them reconnect with the that is righteous to their heritage . All of these reasons to go outdoors and put all technology on the back burner is brought to attention by an unlikely source. Using social media, such as facebook pages and twitter accounts help promote the awesome experiences the outdoors can take you on. The reason why social media is one of the best outlets is because there are millions upon millions of people on these sites, and it is easy for messages to go viral, sending advocacy messages out on blast.  

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“ The Earth has music for those who listen.” – William Shakespeare


“Outside, outside – we can follow the road

There’s a world we can visit if we go outside.” – Childish Gambino

An amazing place to visit in the D.C. area is the Glass Forest. Located on Sherier Pl NW, in Washington, DC. The glass forest is a modern art museum that is all outdoors. They have abstract 3D art that is mostly made out of glass and recycled products. Being outdoors doesn’t just mean taking a break and laying in a field. It gives you the opportunity to explore your surroundings and find hidden treasures, just like this one.

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