Kyle Dinsmore – Community Service

  • A couple of teammates and I waked the Potomac overlook and cleaned up trash along the path behind the library. We collected roughly two garbage bags of garbage along our journey and we also met a couple hikers along the way doing the same thing.
Social Media Post

Toxic to the body, and the Earth

Photo of yourself

Not a big difference but a good start to one


Group Photo

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Photo of the trash

A journey of morality with the boy’s

Extra pictures

Destruction of nature one can at a time

Extra Pictures

This bottle served for a great model

  • Although I posted my social media post after cleaning up, I received several offers to go hiking and clean with several other individuals because they shared the same concern I did with the environment but never had the motivation to do anything about it. My friends also did not want to go with me until one of my friends said they were interested causing a chain reaction of interest among groups of people.
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