Hannah Ratcliff- Community Service

For my community service project, I went home for the weekend and my brother, my dog, and I went to my next door neighbors house after he got off work and helped him clean up his yard along with one of my other neighbors, who is also the mother of one of my friends away at college.


We began our project by gathering all of the cut up wood around the yard and stacking it into one big pile.


After we organized the wood, we cleaned up the chicken pen and all of the trash surrounding it. We also help collect any eggs that were hatched by the chickens today.

img_1679 img_1677

As soon as we had helped with the main chores needed in the yard, we continued to pick up trash and separate things into two separate piles: trash and recycling.

img_1685 img_1681

Once everything had been cleaned up and we put the plastic into the recycling bin, we disposed of the remaining trash by starting a bonfire and burning it.

img_1675 img_1676

From this experience, I learned that it feels good to help others. My neighbor was very thankful that he had three extra pairs of hands to help him get his yard cleaned up and I enjoyed getting to spend time with my brother and my dog. Several of my friends on snapchat thought it was a cool idea to spontaneously go next door and help assist my neighbor with a project like this and I hope it will inspire them to do something similar within their community.

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